WARNING ABOUT RECENT FRAUDULENT CHARGES!  THIS SITE IS COMPLETELY SAFE TO BROWSE AND ORDER FROM. Before going any further, please read this: Recently my company has been a victim of online fraud. If you have seen charges from Quietleather.com on your bank statement, I can assure you that I did NOT charge you and I do NOT have your money. A scamming company has used Quietleather.com for their name on YOUR bank statements and that is probably why you are here. I am doing my best to fix the situation as fast as I can because this is a huge problem for me and specifically my small craft business. Any information that you have for me to help right this situation, please continue to contact me. If you have any info on where you may have purchased a questionable item or service online (i.e. a typically pricey item for the low price of $4.99) That is where it has most likely started.  The "company" in question has for some reason chosen to use Quietleather.com to show up on your account to make it look like I have taken your money so they do not get caught, and I have not. So please contact your bank and try to get your money back. Again I am doing my best to file the correct reports to help move this along.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, but you will get this same response you are reading now if you just come looking for your money that I do not have. Bill R- Quiet Leather Works